Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A road map to $2,000 U.S / oz Gold......

Gold Investors who want to research where our current Gold price is heading only need to look back to see where it has been, after all there is “NO UNKNOWN ANSWERS IN OUR UNIVERSE”, “ONLY UNKNOWN QUESTIONS”.

Everything in our lives that is currently happening has happened before and will happen again and again and again as “HUMANS ARE VERY PREDICTABLE” and over the last 200 years or so we have been able to measure these behaviors more and more accurately..

If we want to look forward into the future for just about anything all we need to do is measure accurately its past, that doesn’t mean our past equals or future as anything or anyone can change.

Thanks to our brilliant charting technology that we now share so openly all around the globe, anyone can look back at our historical charts on Gold and its historical price movements.

Using this history as a very predictable guide we are able to give an accurate prediction on “A ROAD MAP TO $2,000 U.S / oz Gold” and it looks like it’s going to come quicker than most people think.

Every major Gold bull run has lasted a minimum of 15 years, our current Gold bull market started in 2000 – 2001 so we have plenty more time to see even higher prices than $2,000 an ounce for Gold however the accuracy is lost the further we map or plot its course..

Sure there are going to be some speed bumps and hurdles along the way that Gold must climb and this is why one needs to keep educated on our current Global economic conditions, no need to be an economist or a share market guru, there is enough of them all ready so we can feed off a few of their crumbs and make our own educated decision on what we should do with our hard earned money.

Just one basic 10 year weekly Gold chart and some basic knowledge of a typical “J” curve or “BELL” curve and presto:-


This Gold charts says that the safest place to double your money over the next 2 to 3 years is “GOLD”....


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