Wednesday, March 17, 2010

German coins of the 19th and 20th Century


19th & early 20th Century Specimens

       Black Mountain Coins maintains an ever-changing and expanding collection of numismatic specimens from throughout the world and history. One area of our site that has garnered the interest of a dedicated group of hunters are the German States, German Imperial Coins, Weimar Republic, Third Reich & Bundes republic and East German Coins sections of our site. For those of you who had not ventured so far but share their interests we are highlighting the finds specific to the collector of coins from the German States.

Every collector has their unique area of interest and developed base of knowledge. For those of us whose collecting senses have become honed to a specific numismatic quarry, the hunt is not merely a matter of spying & gaining a given specimen but of bagging the right catch under the right set of conditions. As one of the leading sites for collectors of world coins we take pride in the ever-changing collections we're able to bring to the public. We don't offer just a database of coins or ask you to trust us with no more evidence to go on than a blurry or grainy shot. We maintain an experienced numismatic staff that are able to locate unique pieces, value them appropriately and render high resolution images so that you can best inspect each piece despite how remote the internet may make your quarry seem. We encourage you to not just examine our collections but to inquire of us how we may best assist you in gaining an advantaged shot at that rare or hard-sought for piece.


       Every week we highlight a different realm of the numismatic public's interest with the offerings we are able to bring. This week's focus on coins of the German States is an encouragement to some. If this answers your area of interest then we are especially pleased. If your interests keep along a different path then please continue checking our newsletter and monitoring our site or just email or call us - (828) 669-0200. It is inevitable that, with us, you will find more than the mere trace of satisfaction.


Always prepared and at your service,

Dan, Liz, Terry, Clark, Bob, & Donna


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